Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey hey hey!

This party planning has consumed me in every way possible lol! I’ve been on Pinterest or Etsy getting ideas for her big day and so far I haven’t liked anything. I am so picky with everything but that's what I get because then I have to actually think hard (lol) and figure out how everything will come together my way. So I have decided to hand make the decorations because either nothing online catches my eyes or its super expensive. I'm glad to say though that most of her decorations are done!...Yay!! I like to plan my kids birthdays 2-3 months in advance because that way I’m not going all psycho the day of the party and I am always changing my mind about things so its best! I use to be a sales coordinator for a hotel, so the best way I know I'll accomplish this party is to make a checklist that way I am prepared for the event!

2-3 Months before the Party

_X_ Party Theme - FANCY NANCY
_X_ Colors - lavender, gold & coral
_X_ Budget
_X_ Guest list
_X_ Location
_X_ Menu/desserts
___ Start creating Invitations
_X_ Book photographer - GENESIS in April
_X_ Outfit for birthday pictures

3 to 4 Weeks before

___ Make or order decorations and party supplies (some are done!)
___ Tableware and paper goods
___ create shopping list
___ Order cake & cupcakes (remind Nancy Lahi)
___ Make centerpieces
___ Pick out and order party favors
___ Order bouncer
___ pass out invitations

2 to 3 Weeks before
___ RSVPs

1 Week before
___ Buy food/ candy and desserts
___ make sure you have birthday candles!

Two Days before
___ Confirm rentals, etc.
___ Make sure games are all ready & done

Day before
___ Make sure you have candles and matches for the cake
___ Put together goodie bags
Party day!
___ Pick up cake
___ Setup & decorate
___ serving utensils
Here's a taste of what I've been working on! Can't wait to show you all the completed projects on her big day!!!
♥Making her birthday banner! Which ive finished today :)
♥Her gold tutu all done and handmade by me! Which I'm proud to say I finished last week in a day! (yep that excited lol)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Faith :)

You know that saying everything happens for a reason?! Well lately I've been thinking about things and ways to improve myself and family, mainly spiritually. I mean I have been blessed tremendously and I know I am forever indebted to my father in heaven. So thus the reason for this post.

 Growing up with a mother strong in our faith (LDS) I was taught from a very young age the examples she set forth from going to church, paying a full tithing and attending the temple weekly without the help from my inactive father...My mother I owe it all to her because without her faith I know I wouldn't be where I am today and be the person she wanted me to become. All she ever wanted was for her kids to stay in the gospel and to do our part. 

When I met my hubby, at that time he was a catholic and in the Tongan culture the women are suppose to follow their husband and take their religion, but I knew my faith was true & wanted to share it with him. Even though at that time I wasn't active in the gospel I knew I wanted to raise our future children in the gospel. So Paea gave it a shot because he knew how important it was for me! He took the lessons and eventually got baptized. It's funny though because when he called to tell me he was getting baptized and that he set a date, I made a last minute plan to Jamaica with my sisters and had already paid my ticket (which was only $60 because my dad works for Delta) so I was bummed when it was the same day as his baptism, but he was ok with that because he wanted some stuff from there lol!

Fast forward to now, since the time difference at church changed (1 pm) we're not able to make it to class or even to the end of sacrament because of the hubby starting work at 3. (1 car problems) It put a dent in me knowing we were only going to just sacrament, but also a feeling that it wasn't complete. I loved primary as a child and hated knowing my kids weren't able to attend because we had to leave early. So I did the only thing I knew I had to do, which was to put my trust in The Lord & pray to him for help... Every Sunday when we would leave I would always tell my hubby "Ughh I can't wait til spring gets here, so that I can walk home with the kiddos & you leave to work." or  constantly asking him if he's been applying for other jobs so he can get Sundays off?!" I ment it all and my hubby knew it was serious business, because he also knows how important it is to. So today out of no where he bought him a lil 'bucket' and I knew my prayers were answered!! Not gonna lie though with one ride it sucked, it basically felt like we were locked up in our house til the hubby got off or if my mom or sisters came to the rescue... Anywho I thought what the heck how? We haven't even filed our taxes yet lol...and most of it would go towards Siupeli's medical bills (when he was a preemie) when we did file. Then he told me he actually got a good deal on it, the guy he bought it from was trying to get rid of it fast because he had two other rides and this car was just sitting in his garage taking up space. So my hubby got a really awesome deal on it!! I still told him that it didn't fix the problem because of course I need him to come to class with me lol! 

This Saturday is date day & it will be at the Bountiful temple because I have been dying to see the new changes! I know it'll help with hubby finding another job to have Sundays off just gotta have faith! I know the power of prayer works if you are obedient and believe in him because our prayer did get answered! Our father in heaven knows our wants and needs, it might of not happened when we wanted it, but it came when our heavenly knew it was right! I love my faith with all my heart and a happy feeling even to share it with total strangers my testimony...sweet dreams bloggers :) 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So my boys decided to explore their artistic side and thought their wall was a canvas. Needless to say, I on the other hand was boiling because a week before that they drew on the hallway wall with crayons, but I removed it with mayonnaise, yes good ol mayo! It totally worked you just got to use a lot and it takes longer in my opinion. Plus I would rather save the mayo for food purposes lol. #FrugleLife... Well this time it was permanent marker...OHHEMMGEE so of course I google "how to remove permanent marker off the wall" and there was a lot of things to try like magic eraser or alcohol and the only thing I knew I had at home was hand sanitizer! It did wonders and I am satisfied by the results! BEFORE
Thanks to couponing I was able to save money to clean the walls and had these free Purell hand sanitizers I got from Walgreens a few months ago!
Good luck and I hope it works for you!

Monday, January 27, 2014

9 Months :)

Happy 9 months to our only baby girl! Nancy Ofa Ki New York Lapota :)
Named after her aunty who served her mission in New York, that's how we got the nickname NewNew ('New'York) from her fancy aunty Nancy Lahi! She definitely is growing and with growing comes attitude problems lol.
She is such a diva I tell ya, always screaming when she wants something or when she is irritated by her older brothers. Nonetheless I love this happy smiley girl!
Here are some of NewNew girls characteristics: *Discovered her first tooth today! *Easy to make her smile *Still breastfed *Eats more then her older brothers *Size 3 diapers *20 lbs of love *Screams loud when she wants attention *Definitely daddys girl, gets away with everything when daddys home, but not when I'm around lol *Loves books (Fancy Nancy series is a must before bed) *Standing *Drinks juice & water in a sippy *Little explorer crawling around everywhere tasting & trying everything into her mouth *My fast learner :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Day!

So did I mention I coupon? I don't think I did, but I super love it! I have been couponing since last year June, and ever since then I was hooked! Any who I share a coupon page with my twin sister on Instagram and we have saved so much because of the coupon community. They like to share deals, freebies and glitches! LOVE IT!!! Today the freebie was free Valentine cards from that you are able to personalize. Being a stay at home mom there's a lot of down time so instead of the regular routine I decided to dress up the kiddos to take VDAY pics lol! They weren't really ecstatic to do it, but I kind of bribed them with sweets! I wanted to get creative and go outside, but Joon was taken to Primarys 3 days ago and was diagnosed with RSV so I wasn't risking him getting sick again! So we worked with what we had and being that they're all under the age of 4 well you know, no kind of cooperation...Any who this is what we did capturing it with my iPhone 5s, the lighting sucked, but its all good all for their daddy!!
This was one of the cards I made for Newnew girl for her daddy! It says Happy Valentine's day daddy! Love your little Valentine Nancy :) As you can see I took the pic using my iPhone off the computer so its a bit blurry. Isn't it cute though?! I cant wait for these to arrive to give to the Mister because I know he'll love them! Being a stay at home mom I have come to appreciate more home made stuff so last year for Valentines, I Pinterest VDAY sweets and made these cookies here
Found a cute little tin from Walmart put those bad boys in their and packed them in his lunch bag for him to take, plus a home made card I made with the kids! He was so surprised he loved it! Now its a new year and new things to decide what to make for him! With the personalized cards down, with what else? We shall see :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Baby girl is getting bigger by the minute. I can remember the day we brought her home from the hospital like it was yesterday! So last night I went to our girls night for our best friend Liberty who will become a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and serve the people of Pocatello, Idaho and I get a picture message from my hubby 
that he went to the store and got baby Nancy her first sippy cup! In my head I was like ok you didn't want to get a bottle?! Nope forget the bottle baby girl went straight to a sippy cup lol. I shouldn't be surprised because out of all my kids she's my fast learner! Like she started sitting up at 5 months, crawling at 6 and now standing at 8 months so this shouldn't be a shocker lol. I usually breastfeed her and the thought of weening her was a nightmare for me because when I would pump my milk for her into a bottle when she was just a newborn she hated it even her pacifier so I thought "oh great imagine when I'll have to start weening!"

 Also because Joon gave me the hardest time when I had to ween him. He was only 7 months though when I had to stop because I was already 4 months pregnant with Nancy (whoops) and there wasn't enough milk that I was producing for the 3 of us and to make matters worse morning sickness was my best friend in my early stages of pregnancy so I couldn't keep everything in. Joon hated the taste of similac, enfamil, baby soy milk, I mean we tried everything to the point even just giving him pedialyte to keep him hydrated. He lost so much weight so I had to take him into the emergency room because he refused to take anything, and I didn't know what else I could do. I felt so bad and knew that this was all my fault, being selfish because we did get pregnant and could of prevented it. Don't get me wrong I love that baby Nancy is here, but you all know what I mean?!! Finally after trying, praying and a lot of patience he took the similac! Yay :) 

I am a true believer that breastfeeding is the best nutrient you can give your child and it saves you so much time and money!! You want the best for your kids right? So this is perfect and healthy for the both of you. Not to mention you lose weight to, which is also a big reason why I prefer to do it. Plus it's easier just flop them over (lol) where as a bottle you gotta get up and make one. I always use to threaten Paea when he got on my nerve that I would start giving them bottles just so he could get up to make them lol. 

With Siupeli I only breast fed him for only 2 months because I went back to work and it got harder, but I knew I wanted to breatfeed all my future kids and I can say that I am and couldn't be more proud of myself! I'm so happy my big girl is growing and trying new things because she is learning. Thanks baby girl for making life a little bit easier!

If you would like more info about breastfeeding my favorite websites are

Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday planning!

My baby girls 1st birthday is coming up in less then 4 months so the planning begins!!! I'm so excited because I have always helped plan my twins daughters birthday from the theme and decorations. So I am ecstatic to plan my very own daughters birthday! Her name is Nancy so what better way to celebrate it then the 'Fancy Nancy' series book theme?!
I came across this book while going couponing at Target (lol)and I immediately had to buy it because it had Nancy's name on it, plus the illustrations in the book are way cool and pretty! It's such a cute book about a little girl who believes that more is better when it comes to being fancy! Her "fanciness" is to the T. Not only is it a cool book but it also teaches you little lessons. You all have to check these books out! I have ordered more books for Nancy, but hope to buy them all because I love those books! I love how its so girly because I'm so use to planning just boy things, so this is perfect!........Got the theme, now its up to me to create it for my little fancy Nancy :)
My little Fancy Nancy