Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey hey hey!

This party planning has consumed me in every way possible lol! I’ve been on Pinterest or Etsy getting ideas for her big day and so far I haven’t liked anything. I am so picky with everything but that's what I get because then I have to actually think hard (lol) and figure out how everything will come together my way. So I have decided to hand make the decorations because either nothing online catches my eyes or its super expensive. I'm glad to say though that most of her decorations are done!...Yay!! I like to plan my kids birthdays 2-3 months in advance because that way I’m not going all psycho the day of the party and I am always changing my mind about things so its best! I use to be a sales coordinator for a hotel, so the best way I know I'll accomplish this party is to make a checklist that way I am prepared for the event!

2-3 Months before the Party

_X_ Party Theme - FANCY NANCY
_X_ Colors - lavender, gold & coral
_X_ Budget
_X_ Guest list
_X_ Location
_X_ Menu/desserts
___ Start creating Invitations
_X_ Book photographer - GENESIS in April
_X_ Outfit for birthday pictures

3 to 4 Weeks before

___ Make or order decorations and party supplies (some are done!)
___ Tableware and paper goods
___ create shopping list
___ Order cake & cupcakes (remind Nancy Lahi)
___ Make centerpieces
___ Pick out and order party favors
___ Order bouncer
___ pass out invitations

2 to 3 Weeks before
___ RSVPs

1 Week before
___ Buy food/ candy and desserts
___ make sure you have birthday candles!

Two Days before
___ Confirm rentals, etc.
___ Make sure games are all ready & done

Day before
___ Make sure you have candles and matches for the cake
___ Put together goodie bags
Party day!
___ Pick up cake
___ Setup & decorate
___ serving utensils
Here's a taste of what I've been working on! Can't wait to show you all the completed projects on her big day!!!
♥Making her birthday banner! Which ive finished today :)
♥Her gold tutu all done and handmade by me! Which I'm proud to say I finished last week in a day! (yep that excited lol)

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  1. Aww way cute! It's gonna turn out so nice. Because you are so prepared. Great job domestic diva!!